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Torrance City Council Meeting (Feb. 6, 2018)

Updated: Oct 7, 2020


The Armed Forces Day Parade is an annual event in which the city of Torrance thanks and honors the men and women of the armed forces that keeps our nation safe. This year’s parade will take place on Saturday, May 19th, 2018. It will be the 59th annual parade, honoring the United States Marine Corps. It will start at 1:30pm at Crenshaw Boulevard. The Torrance City Council briefly mentioned several topics regarding Armed Forces Day, including a potential logo change for the 5k recreational run. The logo change has been approved by the committee. The Council also discussed the Western Museum of flight potentially providing a static display on day of parade as well as a static display at the Del Amo Fashion Center. The city is also working with the United States Marine Corps and Pentagon to secure an honorary Grand Marshall for the event.

The Citizen Development Enrichment Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 3-4 P.M. at the West Annex Commission room to discuss the design of the Rose Float for the 2019 Rose Parade that will be held next January. All members of the public are welcome and will be allowed to participate.

The Torrance Refinery had their monthly test of their community alert sirens on February 7th. This test was just to make sure their sirens will work in case of a real emergency. In the unlikely event of a real emergency when you hear sirens you must seek shelter inside, shut your windows,vent, and doors. Listen to your local Cable and Radio station. If you are driving continue to do so and go to radio station 1620 am. Listen for the “All clear chimes” and for additional information you can contact the Torrance Refinery Company Committee of Relations via their phone number: 310-212-8152

Torrance is having a nomination period for people wishing to be mayoral and city council candidates with the election taking place on June 5th. There are three seats available on the city council and the mayor’s position. The nominations for 2018’s candidates are being accepted from February 13th till March 9th. Tim Goodrich and Kurt Weideman are wishing to run again for a second term on two of the three city council spots. Other citizens that want to be candidates must contact the City Clerk’s Office to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Community Matters

Outgoing commissioners for Torrance were recognized for their service in the commissions of aging, cultural arts, library, airport, and parks of recreation. They were awarded plaques from the city and certificates from the California legislature assembly for their work until the date of January 31st, 2018. Those honored on the February 6th Torrance council meeting were Paul Cohen, Steven Hsiao, Howard Orpe, Allen Ravine, Dale Korman, and Todd Hays. Cohen was recognized for serving on the Commission of Aging from February 1st, 2014. Hsiao and Orpe had served the Commission of Airport since February 1st, 2010. Ravine had served the library commission from February 23rd, 2010. Dale Korman had been a part of the Call Charge Commission since February 1st, 2010. Lastly, Todd Hays had been on the Parks of Recreation Commission since February 1st, 2010. There were two former commissions that were unable to attend, Dean Mayeta and Miranda, who had served on the Parks of Recreation Commission and Aging Commission respectively. They were all honored for serving the people of Torrance to make the city a better place.

The actor and recipient of Torrance Excellence in Arts Award, a former Celebrity Grand Marshall for the Armed Forces Parade, and director and playwright of “Lady Patriot”, Ted Lang introduced the proclamation of Black History Month to celebrate the contributions made by African Americans in politics, economics, society, and culture in the community. The proclamation was passed declaring February 2018 as Black History Month in the City of Torrance.

Oral Communications

A citizen voiced his worry of tensions between neighbors on construction on the hillside between Torrance and Redondo Beach. He called for set rules on construction to avoid these conflicts and have clear guidelines on what can and cannot be done.

In addition to focusing placing necessary parameters on construction, City Council also acknowledged the work of organizations around town that are asking for donations of money and toiletries to help needy families and the homeless. Bins have been and are being placed in all fire departments, police departments and libraries around the area. www.citywebsite/helpothers <310-618-5880>

Recognizing the fact that California alone retrieved 72,600 lbs. of prescription drugs in 2017, Torrance City Council has chosen the month of March as Prescription Drug Awareness Month. Behavioral and Psychological Treatment services will combine forces with the police department to recover any unused and expired prescription drugs on April 28.

The use of Modified Hydrogen Fluoride, more commonly known as MHF, at the Torrance Oil Refinery has made many Torrance residents anxious due to its potentially harmful chemical nature. A rally was organized on February 17th by the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance.

A citizen voiced their complaint about increasing train traffic of Torrance, causing disruption in the community. He asked City Council for advice on what could be done to alleviate this problem.

(Originally written by Aleeza Adnan, Adam Gibson, Niccolo Esquivelzeta Sohn. Scribed by Muniza Ahmed and Luke Kim)

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