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Torrance Mayor: Patrick Furey

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

(Edited by Daibik Chakraborty)

Patrick Furey has been active in the Torrance community for twenty years. Over the course of his life in Torrance, Furey became president of the North Torrance Homeowners Association and the Torrance Education Foundation, having taken part in the latter for a number of years. In addition, he was appointed Torrance Commissioner of Civil Service and served as the Personnel Commissioner for the Torrance Unified School District. Running parallel to his strong exhibition of community values, Furey enjoys spending his free time volunteering as an umpire for the Torrance Little League. Before being persuaded by his friends and family to run for the office of Torrance mayor in 2014, Pat Furey garnered a seat on the Torrance City Council in 2008 and worked as an attorney for the County of Los Angeles (specifically as Principal Deputy County Counsel), before retiring three months before the mayoral election.

Stressing and taking pride in Torrance’s current form, Patrick Furey, if re-elected as mayor, plans to maintain the balance of commercial, industrial and residential sectors that Torrance is known for. Since his entrance into the Torrance political landscape, Pat Furey has sought to compromise between the commercial/industrial and residential components of the city, often having to address and resolve conflicts that arise when restaurants, for instance, create too much noise for a domestic nighttime environment.. True to this principle, Furey considers it a personal and solemn duty to ensure complaints from citizens are settled, ensuring public safety.

Despite this, Pat Furey is also proud of Torrance’s commercial sector, which brags a hefty 13,000 business licenses. With the coming absence of the Toyota Company in the city of Torrance, if re-elected, Furey hopes to attract smaller tech and growth companies, like Mercedes and Virgin Galactic, that provide employment for people left in the void of Toyota’s departure. In order to build a strong commercial section to replace the Toyota Company, City Council currently has an economic development team bringing developers into Torrance. planning to incorporate, not more residential areas, but commercial ones, which provide stable employment. One of the small technology companies that Pat Furey and the Torrance City Council have worked to incorporate into the city is Phenomenex. A biotechnological manufacturing company, Phenomenex is dedicated to design and build innovations in medical technology.

To keep Torrance’s native habitats clean, candidate Furey looks to optimize street sweeping for sanitation and keeping waterways clear of trash. In addition, Furey prioritizes dealing with wildlife efficiently and appropriately in order to preserve Torrance’s unique natural lifescape and its human citizens

(Interviewed by Daibik Chakraborty and Krischan Jung)

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