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Torrance City Council: Tom Brewer

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

(Edited by Daibik Chakraborty and Krischan Jung)


As a resident of Torrance since the age of 2, Thomas Brewer has seen the city grow from fields of crops to the multi-business complexes we see today. He pursued his secondary education at North High School and his post-secondary at El Camino and Long Beach State. As a local volunteer since the age of 15, he has dedicatedly served his community till date as a part of the Torrance Education Foundation for 20 years and Homeowners Association for 13 years.

On the outset of his political career, Candidate Brewer started aiding various City Council campaigns in the 1990s and continued well into the 2000s while also serving on various commissions such as the Environmental Quality Commision, Civil Service Commision, and the Strategic Plan Committee. He ran for Torrance City Council in 2002 and lost, but still continued aiding campaigns up until 2006 when he once again ran as a candidate for Torrance City Council, this time securing himself a seat as a member. He served his two term limit in the council up until 2014. Succeeding his terms, he put his name on the ballot as mayor for the 2014 election, but had lost. Candidate Brewer still maintained his political efforts afterwards, aiding the tenure of California Assemblyman David Hadley. Now, as a mayoral candidate for the 2018 Torrance General Election, Thomas Brewer looks to mobilize the Torrance community and unite everyone under a common issue, bringing safety to the area.

Major Goals

Using the experiences gained during his political tenure, Thomas Brewer is set on maintaining Torrance’s ranking as one of the safest cities in America. As a result, he is looking to address as well as solve various public issues dealing with spending resources and public well being. Candidate Brewer wants to ensure that the community’s tax money is not wasted by restructuring the Torrance pension system and making sure spending resources are well handled. In addition, he also wants to ensure Torrance’s financial stability and ensure resources are not susceptible to recession. When it comes to public well being, Thomas Brewer has set goals to make certain that the older generations and incoming youth generation are given necessary resources, with stability for the former and growth and opportunity for the latter. He wants to provide a sufficient support system for the increasing older generation in terms of paramedical and fire services, while at the same time looking to attract businesses and other educational benefits for the striving youth of Torrance.

While Thomas Brewer wants to ensure the well being of the Torrance community, he also wants to ensure the well being of businesses that come to the city. Candidate Brewer believes Torrance is thriving with an intelligent youth community, and therefore wants to bring in businesses that will not only benefit the local economy, but also provide new opportunities for students entering the workforce. In order to do that however, Candidate Brewer wants to address old infrastructure problems with new ideas for modernization. He believes that by renovating the city infrastructure to modern twenty-first century, complemented with evolving technology, it will allow the city to become more accessible and attractable to favorable businesses. In addition, Candidate Brewer is venturing to strike a balance between residential communities and businesses to ensure business operations do not interfere with the daily lives of Torrance residents.

(Interviewed by Daibik Chakraborty and Krischan Jung)

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