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Michaela Dumlao



Communications Director

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Michaela Dumlao is a high school senior and serves as Owner, Editor-in-Chief, and Communications Director for NCJ.


Outside of school and NCJ, Michaela is a ballet dancer and spends countless hours training and rehearsing for upcoming performances. She also serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Youth Minds Alliance, and as Public and Media Relations Manager for the National Master Audition.


In her downtime, Michaela enjoys baking, reading, watching "Friends," spending time with her family, and keeping updated on political events. 


Along with going professional in her dance career, Michaela dreams of going to law school and using her degree to help others.


Through NCJ, Michaela hopes to help readers develop a well-rounded understanding of various political events, developments, and phenomenons, while taking into account all relevant perspectives and facts. Though the prospect of neutral news is an elusive one, Michaela firmly believes that by maintaining journalistic objectivity and encapsulating all sides and facts of an issue, articles on NCJ can inspire a new generation of cooperation that goes beyond party lines. 

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