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Hayleigh Evans


Hayleigh is currently an eighth grader and a writer for NCJ.


Hayleigh enjoys the outdoors, music, and art. She is a softball player and plans to join her high school team next year. Hayleigh hopes to write a memoir in the future, and she has a poem that will be published in May. She is actively involved at school and participates in National Junior Honor Society. She regularly volunteers after school to help teachers.

When not doing schoolwork, Hayleigh dabbles in art, reads avidly (usually social science) and plays card games. In her down time, she talks with friends and spends time with family. Talking about politics with friends and family helps her understand what other people think and have reciprocal conversations about important events and social norms.


Hayleigh joined NCJ hoping to let people know that young people have a voice. She wants to help them understand important news without being biased.

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