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Emily Zavala


Emily Zavala is a junior in high school and a writer for NCJ.

Throughout the week, Emily privately tutors other students, works at Starbucks, and plays softball for her high school JV team. Emily is also a native Spanish speaker.


In her free time, she enjoys reading novels (some of her favorites being The Virgin Suicides, Call Me by Your Name, and the Harry Potter series), listening to a wide variety of music, spending time with her friends, and learning to cook indigenous foods from Argentina.  


In NCJ, Emily hopes to shed light on political aspects, questions, and arguments in order to disintegrate divisions between people and promote transparent, candid interpretations of current events. By informing readers about events from local to global levels in a nonpartisan manner through NCJ, she is taking a step toward a unified community and inspiring younger generations to think in numerous and diverse ways.

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