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  • Krischan Jung

Jussie Smollett Incident Timeline

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Victim or criminal?

Fox’s Empire actor, Jussie Smollett, was recently charged for filing a fake hate crime as a police report. The Chicago Police Department reported that Smollett hired two brothers to attack him in an attempt to enhance his public profile, as he hoped to raise his current salary of approximately $20,000 per episode.

Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson stated that about $3,500 was paid to the men for “attacking” him. Smollett had already made sure that security cameras were in close proximity in order to capture the event.

Initially after the event, many people rushed to Smollett’s support for what they thought was a hate crime, such as TV host Ellen Degeneres and Sen. Harris of California. After finding out that may not be the case, the number of people on began to decline on Smollett’s side. Terrence Howard was Smollett’s only co-star to show support, by saying, “Stay in your lane and my lane is empathy and love and compassion for someone I’ve called my son for five years. It’s God’s job to judge and it’s ours to love and hope, especially for those that we claim to have loved.” Smollett himself has been pleading the fifth and not saying much regarding allegations against him.

Highlights of the Smollett Case

Jan. 22 - Smollett received an envelope which had “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) written on it in red. Inside, there was a white substance which was later examined to be powdered pain reliever pills.

Jan. 29 - Smollett was walking back to his apartment from Subway at 2 am when two men attacked by pouring bleach, wrapping a noose around him, and yelling racist and homophobic slurs at the Black and publicly gay actor.

Feb. 2 - Smollett performs a concert in West Hollywood. He said while holding back tears, “I have so many words in my heart. The most important thing I have to say is thank you so much and that I'm OK. I'm not fully healed yet, but I'm going to. And I'm gonna stand strong with Y'all.”

Feb 14. - Chicago detectives began interviewing the two suspects they found after looking at security footage. One of them was an extra on Smollett’s show, Empire.

Feb. 16 - After an interviewing process of the two brothers, they began questioning the honesty of the crime instead of the suspects. The information revealed seemed to raise speculation on whether or not it was a hoax.

Feb. 20 - Smollett was charged with disorderly conduct for the possibility of the police report being fake.

Feb. 21 - Smollett is arrested early morning, having his mug shot taken as he becomes a “person of interest” along with the two brothers he accused.

Feb 22 - Instead of getting a pay raise, Fox cut Smollett from the last two remaining episodes of the season and there is no guarantee he will be returning.

Feb. 25 - Superintendent Johnson states during a “Good Morning America” interview that there has been additional undisclosed evidence revealed against Smollett.



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