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Husnain Malik


Husnain Malik is an 11th grader and a writer for NCJ. 

Husnain has a great love for sports. He runs his own fantasy football and basketball teams and is a running back for his school team. He also participates in MMA and competes in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. Apart from sports, He thoroughly enjoys listening to and making music, and is working on producing his own beats mixtape. He has a great passion for technology as well - he is part of his school's game development club and is working on his own retro game.

When he has spare time, Husnain delves into one of his biggest passions: social science. He loves reading about anthropology, psychology, and sociology, and runs his own podcast about contemporary events relating to these disciplines.

As a writer for NCJ, Husnain hopes to inform people of the facts from all perspectives on whatever topic. He believes strongly in non-partisanship, and believes that it should be reflected in the news, especially  on polarizing topics.

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