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Maekyla Massey


Maekyla Massey is a 16-year old student from Long Island. She hopes to learn how to engage an audience through unbiased journalism. Maekyla is dedicated to public service and the improvement of her community. She is engaging in her interests by participating in several student-led initiatives. Maekyla is the co-chair of the WNET/PBS Group's Youth Collective, a THIRTEEN initiative to amplify the voices of Gen-Z in the building of an ethical world. She hopes to start a 501(c)(3) organization that encourages high schoolers to seek change through civic engagement. Maekyla devotes her time to helping youth become active in their communities. She is an upcoming TEDx speaker. Her accomplishments have been recognized by the New York State Senate and she was granted the Youth Leadership Recognition award. She wants to attend Columbia University, where she plans on enhancing her understanding of political science.

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